What Can you expect from SEE Visuals

What can you expect from working with SEE Visuals?

What can you expect from working with SEE Visuals?

What can you expect from working with SEE Visuals?

So, What can you expect from working with SEE Visuals?

There are a lot of video production companies out there. A lot of them do really great work, but are they the right company for your needs? No every video production company, in Denver or elsewhere is the same. Entrepreneurs have different backgrounds, different reasons why they are in a certain business and some are just in it because it was an opportunity. 

At SEE Visuals we are here because we have a vision. We have a background in business, have created multiple businesses over the years, have worked in small and large companies and are bringing that experience to life in order to help our clients with their business needs. 

Video people generally know that video is powerful for business yet nowhere in the industry and culture is there any love or training on how to help business owners… in fact, “corporate work” is seen as selling your soul in our industry, believe it or not… it’s seen as the “opposite of creativity”.. Which I think is crazy. So if you don’t make videos yourself and some other person offers you a good deal, just be very careful on what is made and how it’s made b/c generally videographers just make nice looking things without paying attention to how to move the needle for your business.

Video is the best marketing available for EVERY business…

Video is the best marketing tool available for EVERY business, no matter their budget. Never before did a company have the possibilities to show themselves as before. Never before was video so consumed as it is today, never before did companies have the possibilities we know have through social media. A client does not have to hire an expensive crew anymore to come to a professional result and there is no need for tv-ads or other older marketing tools where you have no metrics to measure your return on investment (ROI). Combine your story with the cheap power of social media ads and see how every company can grow as never before. 

But…what is it like to work with you?

At SEE Visuals we have a 3 step process:

1. Understanding the problem. 

First we have to See where you are with your business, the objections, problems you hit. We look at what does work and what was successful in the past. Often there is an issue with not being visual enough, potential client who don’t understand what you or what you stand for. A key indicator is authenticity. A second big factor is trust. People are skeptical, there are enough industries out there who have lost the trust of their audience for years. Giving potential clients insight in your business and who you and your team our, takes away any distrust that blocks them from reaching out to you. With video you create your own referral.  

2. Creating a custom solution. 

Every company is unique, as unique as the owners behind it. This is why generic solutions don’t work to tell your story. You and your business are authentic and that needs to be reflected to gain the trust of your customers and set yourself apart from any competition.

3. Implementation through proven systems.

This can be done by you, your marketing team or SEE Visuals. The implementation process is where we go to work and test it on your audiences. If you have experience with online marketing you probably already have a or multiple marketing personas we can work with. If you are not there yet, time and testing is needed to SEE who responds to your message and if that correlates to your expected audience. This testing phase takes time, but it is the first time in history that we can get measurable results from marketing. For over 100 years marketing always followed the principle of the highest budget. The higher the budget, the more chance anyone would notice you. Now, as a small company there is no way to compete with those budgets. Today, you can find your niche audience online and feed them targeted and strategic messaging.

If you are looking for a way to increase your audience, tell your story, need to have testimonials, train your employees, create educational content, we are here.

Maybe you have inefficiencies? Do you have a receptionist answering the same questions over and over again and you would like them to be more efficient, we can do that? Do you want to create virtual visits of your school? we can do that! Or, do you need a more professional way to communicate with your client and company? We can do that! If you need help creating a social media strategy and content, we can certainly do that!

SEE Visuals is a strategic video production company that understands business, we do more than pretty pictures.


This is our story…

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