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Corporate Video Production – The video marketing strategy you need​

Corporate Video Production – The video marketing strategy you need


Corporate video productions are a direct and easy way to help build a relationship of trust with your customer, develop  your brand       identity, train staff, organize internal corporate communication, explain complex products, and much more. 

Why is the importance of corporate video production?

With corporate video productions and viewership on the rise, more business executives are realizing that videos are the cornerstone of their marketing plan, and their daily operations. A study from Forbes stated that 75% of business executives watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week. The days of whitepapers are not over as each audience has there marketing preference, but with video being named the #1 marketing tool available it is not something companies can ignore any longer.  Video production can become complicated and they can be used for a multitude of products, services and audiences. Let’s how we can approach them.

What is the corporate video production process?

Pre-production: Developing a budget, brainstorming a concept, understanding the company we work for, incorporating brand identity and writing a script if needed. If a voiceover is required, it is advised to record it before the actual production day(s). This section of the production is in close collaboration with the company’s marketing team, if available.

Production: Once the corporate goals and style are established, a storyboard can be created to give the production team a good overview and increase the production’s efficiency. Do note that not all video productions needs a storyboard or script. Often corporate videos are based on interviews where the authentic character of the interviewee has a higher priority. In these cases we prefer to let the interviewee use his or her own words, while the director makes sure the needed content is available for the final product.

  • Post-production: Once the corporate video is produced, the post-production phase starts with footage review. Once the needed clips are selected the editors select the music score and edit the video to tell the required story. After adding the b-roll, stock footage, graphics, color grading and sound editing a first draft can be shown to the client.

What are the common types of corporate video production?

Video Business card (Brand Story Video)

The Video Business Card is the cornerstone of your marketing! This is the first video every company should look at as it shows your potential client who you are, what you stand for and how you can help them. We all know that people don’t read anymore. Being able to bring show your company in minutes brings huge value. How long would it take you to get in touch with 10.000 potential clients and pitch them? To how many events, trade shows, conventions do you have to go to reach that many people? The investment, timewise and financially would be substantial. By having your video business card video and in combination with the correct social media strategy you could do this in no time! As you can see, a Video Business card would save you so much time and energy to you can re-invest in your company. 

You can SEE our Video Business Card on the right.

Testimonial video

Testimonial Videos

When you have your Video Business card in place it is time to start thinking about your next step. You have created an interest from your potential clients in your company, now it is time to step it up and let existing clients confirm that you are the company they need. Testimonial videos adds a layer of trust to your company that is unparalleled. 

Testimonial videos come in a big variety of styles. The result should be in line with the overall brand style of the company. For example, a healthcare company would benefit from a longer personal story from their clients and show that client’s journey, a financial advisor would have better results with a case study style of testimonial. It is a custom process that will be defined by the kind of company you have. 

Educational Videos

Marketing has changed a lot of the last 10-15 years. In his day and age we share knowledge and by doing so we create the impression that we are experts in our field. Create an audience that is listening to you, absorbs your knowledge. The day will come that you will be referred by your audience or contacted while your brand name travels over the internet.

Educational videos

Recruitment Videos

A recruitment video is a great way to promote your company culture, showcase how it is like to work for your company and encourage candidates to apply. These kind of video are created with the intent to give candidates insight on what your company is about, your core goals and the colleagues they will be working with. This is the perfect moment to include the HR department to optimize the talent acquisition goals.

Training Videos

How much hours does your company spend on training a year? Do you fly new staff in for 1 on 1 or group training? Do you have a trainer available or do you have to pull a staff member from the job for this training? Imagine the time and expense you could save by having the staff member trained via a video asset which is a 1 time investment? Decrease travel costs and increase the productivity of your other staff members with a single or series of videos that will last for years. 

There are plenty of platforms available that will track the evolution of the training to make sure the staff members have completed their training courses and allows HR to keep track of certificate validity.

Internal communication

There are multiple ways how video can help you with the internal corporate communication.

    1. 1. Internal communication from management to make sure every department and/or branch can hear the messaging as it was intended. Record it once and distribute…
  1. 2. Recordings of conventions and speeches
  3. 3. Live streams between different offices, product presentations or events.

When you are ready to start using THE most important marketing tool available, you can reach out to us at or you can find the contact form here Video services is what we do! 



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