Sergio Nazzaro- Agent Film

Sergio Nazzaro is one of the most driven professionals in his field. Sergio is on a mission to become the best performing realtors in Colorado. While working with his business coach Sergio realized he needed to get started with video as his potential clients are tech savvy and have a different mindset than previous generations.
The Challenge
Sergio was new in the business and was looking for guidance. As an extended online presence was required to grow faster than via referrals online, he needed cornerstone content on which he could build after.
Sergio came to us with an idea of his business coach, create a sales video with a provided script. SEE Visuals turned this idea around as we believe standard sales video would not get the traction needed to reach Sergio's goals. After a meeting we went for a video that show Sergio, a knowledgeable, approachable professional with a mindset formed by the Air force. This video was the start of his online persona, gave him the confidence to stand in front of the camera and share knowledge & tips on a daily base. Sergio is now on his way, through video and social media strategy, to become a well known professional in the community, far beyond his referral network.


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