The Nest Nail Spa Lower cost per click

The Nest Nail Spa in Lakewood and Centennial (Denver, CO) is a unique concept for this market.

They created an experience that starts with exceptional customer service and finishes with eco-conscious products applied by only the most skilled nail artists.

The Nest Nail Spa’s are dedicated to providing a clean, comfortable, relaxing experience. They believe in using safe products that are better for their clients, staff, and the environment.

Dominic, co-owner of the spa explains in the video below how his company benefitted from the Video Business card that was created for him. The Lower Cost per Click in their online advertising changed the way they handled their marketing.

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The Challenge

The challenge for The Nail Spa was to increase their online footprint as they mainly source new client via the internet. With 2 locations, this small company is hands on and looking to increase their efficiency in telling their story.


See Visuals created the brand story video for The Nest Nail Spa to tell their story, show what is happening behind the scenes. The 3 minute video is posted in it entirety on the website and several forms of client communication tools. The video asset was also re-edited in shorter snippets to create ongoing online content to create brand awareness, so people recognize the brand and what they stand for. The Nest Nail Spa, who is using social media ads saw a decrease of 50% in pay per click (PPC) cost and saw an increase of 200% in clientele.


PPC Cost


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