Does it take long to create my corporate video?

How long does it take to make your ultimate corporate video?

Video production in Denver - How long does it take?

Creating professional corporate video are based on several factors. Video production has always and minimal 2 sides, the video production company, and the client. How both are organized will define the speed of the process and the delivery of the final videos.

On our side, SEE Visuals has a pre-production process in place that puts a timeline on the production process. That process starts with the initial contact, continues into the goal and strategy sessions for the video, and ends with the concrete aspects of the production day(s) and post-production.

What to expect from SEE Visuals:

1.       Meeting(s) to establish the goals of the client and strategy of the video.

2.       Pre-production meeting to set timing, locations, people involved, etc.

3.       SEE Visuals reserves the day(s) for editors, videographer, director and technical team.

4.        Pre-shoot meeting to ensure we have a ‘go’ on every aspect of the shoot.

The above is off course a short version of the actual video production process, which can become complicated fast.  It is crucial that there is a streamlined communication on the client side also. The larger the business, the more people are generally involved, which can result in delays and even conflicting information.

Here are 5 ways to speed us your video production:

  1. 1. Designate a single point of contact.

Multiple sources of info or contact will take more meetings to get to the production stage. When the company assigns a single point of contact and organizes marketing & strategy meetings internally, our production will keep a clear view on the expectations and agreements.

  1. 2. Internal Organization

It happens that delays occur due to a hierarchy within the company because different departments are involved (Marketing, CEO, HR, accounting, etc.). Production days are set once the client is organized and ready with the contracts, deposit and marketing materials. Often this internal communication is the reason for delays. Being organized here can make a difference of weeks.

  1. 3. Ask us!

As a Denver video production company we are local. Pick up the phone with any question you have and we are right here. If a part of the process is not clear, we can clarify that, in most cases, instantly.

  1. 4. Communicate early and often.

Things chance, we get it. No-one lives in a vacuum, people change, markets change, strategy and goals change. We can handle change and are flexible, IF we know about it. Let us know if that logo changes, if the marketing has received new instructions from above, when there is a shoot location change, if the budget has increased 😉.

  1. 5. We mentioned flexibility…

We are flexible for sure, just keep in mind that video production is detailed and time consuming. If our team is setting up on location and the interviewee has another commitment and won’t be there, we do run into a situation we can’t fix. Therefor communicate changes sooner than later so we can all anticipate and make most of the time and people that were reserved for your shoot.

So, to answer the original question, How long does it take to make a corporate video? It is based on the complexity of the project. Simple projects can be planned in within a week or 2, with a final video after editing & approval a week later. More complex video production depends on the pre-production time on the client side. Most corporate video production can be shot in 1 or 2 days with a post-production of 1-3 weeks.

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