My Body Therapeutics

Brand story video – Massage

My Body Therapeutics in Westminster, CO is a small Neuromuscular massage therapy practice. The owner, Maya, specializes in post surgery treatment, injury treatment & prevention, pain management, etc.

Maya moved to Westminster, Colorado and had to start her business from zero. She had to reach out to potential clients, neighbors, did networking events, other practitioners, Physical therapists, etc.

My Body therapeutics is a force in her field and needed to get her story out there, so people knew what she stands for, what she can do for her clients and how they would benefit from her approach.

SEE Visuals her story translated to a brand story video (aka Video Business Card), in order for the website visitors to understand how Maya can help them and create a level of trust before reaching out to her. The video shows clients what they can expect once they enter the door, how a session will go, how Maya communicates and how she approaches each client.

By doing this we take away the uncertainties that every new client has when reaching out to a new business. We create a level of trust that can’t be achieved via normal marketing tools.

Additionally we complete the marketing strategy, by researching the keywords that her business needs to rank high, in an organic way, on search engines. By doing that we increase her online visibility and decrease her advertising cost and become more efficient in the ads we do run.
The Challenge
The challenge My Body Therapeutics encountered was twofold: 1. The business is located in a home practice causing clients to hesitate to ring a strangers' doorbell, enter the property and undress for the session. 2. Getting seen by a large audience and get traction in the local market.

See Visuals advised My Body Therapeutics to create a Video Business card. The Video Business Card (VBC), is a strategic video based on the needs of the client. It is used as a marketing tool that creates insight to the business, builds trust and shows the owner, the business background and their setting. In this VBC Maya, the owner, tells about her history. How her grand father was at the origin of Physical Therapy, continuing to her professional educational level and her services. By showing Maya as a real person, with emotions, the viewer creates a bond, lowering the obstacles and resistance. Trust is essential in business and by showing Maya in the setting the client receives their treatment, clients know exactly what to expect from their service. For the second obstacle, not being found in the local market, the video was used as marketing tool (video is THE most important marketing tool available) on the website. It opens as soon as client get to the main page. SEE Visuals created a social media campaign based on the keywords web users use when searching for services as the one offered by My Body Therapeutics. After several weeks of research an ad campaign was launched. As of today, My Body Therapeutics has increased her revenue by 160% in the first year using this video & campaign, As we can analyze and fine tune the ad campaigns we are confident further growth can be realized.


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