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8 tips for creating great corporate videos!

8 tips for creating great corporate videos!

8 tips for Corporate Video


You are probably aware that most people use the internet to search for product or service-related videos before deciding to make a purchase. Did you know an even larger percentage of people watch at least one online video per day. You know video is an integral and essential part of any effective (social) media marketing strategy.

But do you know how to make your video stand out from the marketing noise out there? So much lower quality video is being put out here, and lower quality video has its place and time, but every company needs cornerstone content that fits their messaging. We’ve put together a list of our 8 favorite tips for creating an attention-grabbing, high -impact corporate video library.

#1 Know Your Audience

Marketing has changed over time, since not to long marketeers are able to measure and monitor the data from online campaigns, in contrast to older style marketing campaigns like radio, TV, newspaper ads, etc. This allows to measure the Return On Investment (ROI) for the first time in the history of marketing.

A well-researched video with a strategic messaging presents an excellent opportunity to create a sense of intimacy with the right audience, providing specific solutions to specific issues your target audience actually cares about.

#2 Respect the time of your viewer

The key word here is short. Statistics have proven that you’re more likely to lose viewers if your video is longer than two minutes. Mark Twain once famously said, “I’d write you a shorter letter but I don’t have time.” Extended rambling, long intro’s, marketing your own and other off topic content wastes everyone’s time. When you are still in phase where you are discovering your audience, keep it short and include only relevant info. Once you have established and know your audience, it becomes time to create longer content of which you know it is relevant.

#3 Show, Don’t Tell

A majority of clients, nor potential clients read your websites and e-mails. The attention span of the average viewer has become so short that video is the best way to convey your message. This is the key in why video is the best marketing tool available. With show, don’t tell, we have a great opportunity to tell a company’s story in a compelling way and integrate a laser focused message. You can test this for yourself. Ask the people around you to see if they would choose to read a longer text about your company and your products and services, or if they would watch the video…

Showing is also an effective way to overcome any language barriers and reach a wider audience.

#4 Compress time, genius style!

Consider time-lapse video. Talk about short and to the point! Talk about a genius show-me-don’t-tell-me strategy!  You can bend time in a way that immediately engages viewers and takes them from start to finish in a way few other genres can.

Who hasn’t been mesmerized by a well-produced time-lapse video on their social marketing feed?


#5 Tell Your Brand’s Story

We are wired to use storytelling to make sense of the world around us. Historically it is probably the most effective way to create engaging content. For centuries storytelling has been the basis of our societies. As a more modern example, research tells us that Millenials spend their dollars on brands with an unambiguous story that aligns with their values and perspectives.

Does your Brand Story video (also known as Video Business Card) convey a clear message about your company’s culture? Does it show who you are and what you stand for? How you operate and what client can expect?

If your Brand Video is to the point, with the correct messaging and captivating visuals, consider using video testimonials so existing customers and your brand ambassadors can share their story to reassure potential buyers they can trust your brand. Video testimonials are so powerful in creating trust, that they should be on your video production list.

The essence is, if your story resonates with your (targeted) audience’s viewpoint, you’ve established an immediate connection with them, and they’ll be more open to hearing your message and reach out to you.


#6 Use The Right People to Do Job Correctly

You wouldn’t hire your doctor to change your car’s oil, would you? Specific tasks require specific skill sets. To contrary of what many believe, a videographer might not be your best choice to tell your story. Creatives can create beautiful visuals, but they were never trained to think as a business does. Businesses have specific obstacles, time restraints, budget limits, personal turnover, etc. It’s just not something that van be solved by someone with a visual background. On the other side, the best message in the world isn’t going to convert viewers into customers if it has to overcome bad lighting or choppy sound and editing.

There are many steps involved in making a powerful video, so make sure you’ve got the right people doing the right job. At SEE Visuals we can address each step in the video production process AND we have a business background, so we do the understand what a business is actually encountering and how hard it can be to reach your potential client.

Don’t make the mistake of using a jack of all trades to do the work of a team of experts. It’s short-sighted and ultimately wastes time and money. There is that saying, ““If You Think It’s Expensive To Hire A Professional To Do The Job, Wait Until You Hire An Amateur.””.


#7 Use the Right Tools

We’ve all seen — and immediately closed — that video with amateur lighting, poor sound quality and tedious editing. Don’t let your video be that video. To produce a professional, engaging video you’ll need the right tools, including a good camera, editing software and professional lighting and sound equipment.

On top of that you need a director. What does a director? A director will sit down with you to make sure the goals you have set are clear, that the messaging as intended also translated to the video, that the interviewee looks perfect, sounds great and comes across in line with his company standards. On top of all that he oversees the technical crew and will qualify the team before the production starts.

Skimping on tools makes a cheap-looking video which associates your service or product with a discount mentality. If you cut corners making your corporate video, the viewer must ask if you’re cutting corners on what you’re trying to sell.? It’s vital to find a team that has access to the latest production video equipment to create a professional level corporate video.


#8 Be Familiar With The Latest Trends in Marketing

Digital media is an ever-changing medium, and your corporate videos should reflect current trends in marketing to stay relevant.

But in many cases, business owners don’t have the time or human resources to stay on top of what’s cutting edge.

SEE Visuals  is connected with experts in the industry all over the United states and Europe. If it for the latest technology, marketing or business trends, SEE Visuals is there to create you Story brand video, your corporate video, testimonial videos and training videos, identify your audience and effectively engage them with video that actually works.

That active network is incredibly helpful as marketing has become so complex that no single company can be a specialist in everything. Having experts from different industries, come together for your project, that is power!

When you are ready to talk about the most marketing tool available and you have seen the need for video, let’s talk and we can identify together how we can propel your business. You can reach out to us at or you can find the contact form here

SEE Visuals in a Denver based video production company. Besides Video marketing and video production, we are here for social media marketing and strategy. Our parent company, The Denver Creative Group, specializes in photography, headshots, virtual reality, drone photo and video work for real estate, construction and corporate clients.

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