We don't just create videos, we create compelling stories that will engage with your customers or viewers. So whether it's for sales, training, business or anything else, let See Visuals tell your story.

Our Video Production Services


Our talented crew will record moments of your event, to create a truly memorable video of your event.

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Simplify complex subjects and save time training with our professional training video services.

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Social Media

Engage your followers in a way that words and pictures can't.

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You have an amazing story to share with the world. We want to help you get it in front of the people who need it the most.

In this era of social media and information at our fingertips, it's critical for businesses and organizations to cut through the noise. In order to create authentic relationships with your customers online, nothing compares to being seen and understood through video.

Show your audience who is behind the service or product instead of just telling them. Videos don't ever sleep. They work for you 24/7 and can be viewed by people all around the world. Imagine having a full-time salesperson, ready day & night to share your message with the customers who need your service or product. That's the power of video.

We're not just Videographers or a Video production company. We are Video Strategists diving deep into your business and creating strategic video assets - designed to solve your business problems. We have a background in business and are able to tie real world business problems to a solution that works.

Production Process

Understanding a problem
Implementation via
proven systems
Creating a custom

Booking And Consulting Process


Bring people right into the reality of your services. & products. We call it “Show, Don’t tell”


Create trust with your audience before they pick up the phone to contact you


Have a video presence online that acts like a 100 passionate & hungry salesmen.


Train your staff and vendors without having to spend hours in a training room.


Increase your trustworthiness with testimonial videos. Nothing as powerful as clients advocating for you!


Decrease administration and time spent on the phone, by creating a business asset that explains your services/products perfectly, day after day, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Case Study

My Body Therapeutics

Brand story video – Massage

My Body Therapeutics in Westminster, CO is a small Neuromuscular massage therapy practice. The owner, Maya, specializes in post surgery treatment, injury treatment & prevention, pain management, etc.

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The Nest Nail Spa

Lower cost per click

The Nest Nail Spa in Lakewood and Centennial (Denver, CO) is a unique concept for this market. They created an experience that starts with exceptional customer service and finishes with eco-conscious products applied by only the most skilled nail artists.

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Sergio Nazzaro- Agent Film

Sergio Nazzaro is one of the most driven professionals in his field. Sergio is on a mission to become the best performing realtors in Colorado. While working with his business coach Sergio realized he needed to get started with video as his potential clients are tech savvy and have a different mindset than previous generations.

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Our Works


My Body Therapeutics – testimonial

When I started my business in Colorado, after being active in Florida, I needed a jump start for my massage practice. The business needed exposure to get back up to speed as soon as possible. When I met SEE Visuals they looked at the business inside out to see where they could improve the existing marketing. What struck me was their genuine interest in me and my passion for healing clients. SEE Visuals translated that passion to the screen, combined it with a clear message and created a social media strategy around it. All in all the collaboration was smooth and ongoing, would certainly recommend them.

Maya Dobbelaere

The Nest nail Spa testimonial:

“You told us you were going to take a deep dive and really look into how our business works, the story behind it and help us tell that story. That was an eyeopening moment and that really changed how we even looked at our own business.

We do a lot of Social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram and our Cost per Click has been half of what it was when we just used photos. We are able to attract new customers by telling our story.

We take the video that you did, which was 3 minutes long and we can cut them into 30 second segments to tell different parts of the story. that in turn gives us twice as many people in the door and who are reacting to our marketing. that can double our business from the same marketing dollars which is amazing in online marketing”


Sergio Nazzaro – real estate agent testimonial

“Capturing that story is really important and when you are able to to be authentic to yourself, people can see that. When they can see that, they can connect with you.
The goals is, when they are able to connect with you and your authentic self, people are going to hate you, which is completely fine because they are never going to work with you anyway. That is what you wanted. It is a deterrent and attractor.
The flip side to that is, when they are attracted to you, they feel like they know you when you sit down. That rapport you build with them, that foundation is already made.
Now you can have a real conversation with them about what their goals are, what their dreams are and you can navigate that conversation to make sure it is directed to create something that is beneficial to them.”

Sergio Nazzaro

Six Reasons To Choose See Visuals


We have a passion for telling stories, so when we make a video for your business, we take the time to learn everything about yours. The more we learn, the more compelling a story we can show your customers.


Current times aside, all of our meetings are face to face. Part of our video creation process is building a relationship with you, all with the goal of truly understanding your business.


Our video production packages include 2 reviews. This gives our clients ample opportunity to refine the video the way they want it. If our client is unhappy with the final product, the reimbursement is limited to the unpaid portion of the invoice.


Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds and countries, allowing us to use that diversity to come up with truly creative ideas.


We are experienced, having worked with dozens of businesses over the years.


Most importantly, video production and storytelling is our passion. When you love your work, it's not work and it shows in every video we create.